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Cheng-Han Kuo


Transfer Pricing (TP)

Why did you choose EY

My graduate school, Leiden University, collaborates a lot with EY. During my school year in Leiden I had the chance to participate in “EY Day” hosted by the EY Amsterdam Tax Team. As someone who grew up in various countries and still wanted to explore the world, EY’s diversified team and their emphasis on global mobility was extremely attractive to me. Amongst various openings across different EY offices, I was very lucky to find a role in EY Japan that fits with both my interests and skillsets. This encouraged me to begin my journey with EY, and also in Japan.

What's your impression of EY before and after you joined

My biggest impression of EY is that no matter which team or which office you are in, the firm puts an effort to support you to reach your professional career goals. Although we may be recruited into certain teams or service lines, EY does not restrict and gives people the room to learn and participate in various types of projects. During my time here I have had the chance to work in different groups, participating in a wide variety of projects which has made me a more comprehensive tax advisor. These projects also allowed me to work with different offices across the globe, where I met other likeminded tax advisors who became very dear mentors and friends. There is never a lack of good people in EY, and this is such a pleasant surprise.

Tell us about your job

We provide transfer pricing advisory on the financial transactions of multinational enterprises. The core of this work may be related to providing advice on how to accurately price these internal transactions; however it is also heavily related to understanding the client’s operation, as an entity and as a group. Our work includes both documentation on the past transactions and advising and designing future structures.

What makes you feel rewarded as a tax consultant

International tax can be a very complicated and technical sector while having its own room for flexibility within certain parameters. I enjoy understanding the different rules and analyzing their implications to our clients’ operations, then providing adequate advices under the current tax environment. With international tax, it is not only a dialog between us as tax advisors and the client, but sometimes even with the tax authorities of various countries. Seldom do we find a sector that intertwines individual business operations and government authorities so deeply.

What is your career goal

To continue to grow into a well-rounded tax advisor, to be able to leverage the various experiences I gained in different groups, and to apply that in the new tax era.

Your message to those who are interested in EY

It is my third year in EY and I am more than thankful for the experience EY has given me. It may come in different forms, but I am sure your experience will be equally rewarding should you choose to join us.

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